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Relieving Your 'Pain'

Guiding Each Individual to Health

Physical discomfort varies from person to person. Even with something as common as lower back pain, the causes and symptoms can be different for each individual. The clinic's treatment is tailored to guide each person's symptoms towards improvement.It's essentially a customized approach. Following a manual treatment alone won't lead to a true resolution,uncovering the fundamental causes and providing appropriate treatmentis the only way. The clinic is here to assist you in bringing both your body and mind to their optimal state.


"Drawing Out the Power of Natural Healing"

About Traditional Asian Medicine

Traditional Asian Medicine focuses on improving distressing symptoms by tapping into the inherent ability of the body to heal itself, known as 'natural healing power.' At our clinic, we enhance the immune system through treatments such as acupuncture and massage.The clinic is committed to exceeding your expectations and delivering results beyond what you anticipate, The clinic's flexible responsiveness and innovative suggestions will bring out the best treatment for your problems.

Removing stress with unique techniques

90% of illnesses are caused by stress

According to medical research, up to 90% of illnesses and diseases are stress-related. Using some of the unique techniques in the clinic will be able to relieve pain and discomfort by removing stress. Based on the Traditional Asian Medicine and drawing from the clinic's experience with over 60,000 cases, treatments are tailored to each individual's symptoms, providing a personalized approach to eliminate stress and relieve pain and discomfort.


Knowing pain through the body, sensing it

Mirror Touch Synesthesia

Dr. Kano at the clinic possesses a unique ability to identify areas of discomfort by touching the body. This characteristic allows for a shared sensory experience, where he can feel the same pain and discomfort as the individual being treated. Some refer to this phenomenon as Mirror Touch Synesthesia.' While listening and empathizing with concerns is crucial, the areas that the individual personally perceives as 'painful' or 'uncomfortable' may not necessarily coincide with the affected areas. Surprisingly, the root cause often lies in unexpected places. Dr. Kano, through this 'shared sensory experience,' can capture and understand the underlying causes. By perceiving pain through the body and senses, more precise and effective treatments become possible


As a sports trainer

Dr. Kano have served as the official trainer for numerous professional athletes, contributing to the maintenance of their physical well-being. Drawing on a track record of supporting athletes to maintain their optimal condition 365 days a year, Dr. Kano approach treatments with a focus on achieving the best results. Some notable achievements include working with athletes from various disciplines, such as members of the All Japan Judo National Team, All Japan Ski National Team, professional golfers, baseball players, soccer players, rugby players, American football players, track and field athletes, gymnasts, and ballet dancers, among others."



Founder of "Up Care Ginza"
Takeshi Shikano

Hometown: Tomakomai City, Hokkaido, Japan
Education: Graduated from Tokyo Medical School
Professional Licenses: Certified Judo Therapist, Acupuncturist, Masseur, Shiatsu Therapist, Massage Therapist
Career: Worked at Global Sports Medicine Research Institute during school.
Obtained a massage license in the United States five years later.
Worked at the Hawaii branch of the same company for five years, serving as the branch representative.

To bring health to the world,

Dr. Kano aspire to create a clinic that addresses the concerns of people worldwide. The clinic goal is to fundamentally resolve the pain and troubles of individuals from around the globe, allowing everyone to lead healthy and fulfilling lives.